Majors Yankees @ Padres, 2015-03-28 15:30:00                read full game highlight
The Padres and the Yankees got together to celebrate Jake Retzlaff's twelfth birthday with a baseball game. After three innings, the Padres were hanging on to a 3-1 lead when the birthday boy launched a three run shot over the fence. The Padres tacked on one more run and earned a 7-1 victory in what was a well played game with several nice defensive plays on both sides. The big difference today was the pitching of Cole Hunter, who mixed an effective fastball with a nice off speed pitch and wound up throwing a complete game no-hitter in which only 21 Yankee at bats were allowed. Despite the six run differential, it was a good game all around.
JV Nationals @ Astros, 2015-03-28 13:15:00                read full game highlight
The Nationals and the Astros tie

The Nationals and the Astros played to a 7-7 tie on Saturday at College Park - Field #2.

Jack Grillo was solid at the plate for the Nationals. Jack went 2-2, drove in one and scored two runs. He singled in the second inning and homered in the fourth inning.

The Astros jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the top of the first. The Astros got things going when Christian Garcia singled. Then moved Christian from first to second. Shane Hughes singled, plating Christian.

The Nationals scored one run of their own in the first. The Nationals scored on an RBI double by Karson Grillo.

After posting one run in the fourth, the Nationals again scored one in the fifth. In the fourth, the Nationals scored on a solo home run by Jack.
Majors Cardinals @ Angels, 2015-03-28 08:00:00                read full game highlight
If you were one of the few in attendance for Saturday morning’s breakfest and baseball at the park you deserve an extra snack ticket in lieu of a refund for enduring the quality of baseball you saw on the field between The Cardinals and Angels on this morning. In 5 innings of play these 2 teams combined for 25 runs, 14 hits, 17 walks and 9 errors with the Angels barely prevailing 13-12. However any game played at 8am is not a time to expect teams to be at their best. Managers Luna and Olea deserve a snack ticket just for being able to find 9 willing players to show up at 8am to play on a field of wet grass.

Between the number of balls lost on the train tracks and the ones tossed out for being too wet to use the teams went easily thru 25 baseballs in this game. The Cards who last played on Wed came into this game a bit more rested than the Angels who had a whole 11 hours rest from the long game they played the night before. In defense of play shown by these teams, it should be factored in that both teams had players who were coming off a grueling 3 days of science camp this past week.

The Science camp hangover was obvious when Angel Starter Aidan Ross labored and could not go past the 2nd inning. The visiting Angels with a lil help from the Cards put up 2 quick runs in the 1st. The Cards then pounced on the bleary eyed Ross and rolled a 7 for their half of the inning. Dropped balls, mis-judged balls and mental errors by The Angels showed they had not mentally returned from the beach yet.

Down 7-2 going to the top of the 2nd, Mgr Olea confiscated all the players shovels, pails, Frisbees and boogie boards in return for bats and gloves. The move appeared to pay off as The Angels with a lil help from the Cards got their 1st 3 batters of the inning on base, lead with hits by Shmuley Godt and Ben Vogel to get things started as the Angels then rolled a 7 spot of their own to answer the Cards.

In the Cards 2nd they got a 2 out rally going with a 2 out Kody Johnson single and walk to Tayler Luna to follow. As the Angels played keep away the ball from their pitcher, Johnson and Luna circled the bases to tie the score 9-9. With 2 outs The Cards then proceeded to load the bases. Ross was removed from the mound and replaced by Angel fire stopper Braydn Wishek. Wishek put a stop to all the Angel nonsense getting the batter to hit a weak fly ball to short for the 3rd out leaving 3 Birds on the bases.

The 3rd inning proved to be the point where things settled down with both starters long gone at this time it became battle of the bullpens. The Angels scratched out 2 runs against relief pitcher Kody Johnson to take the lead 11-9 leaving the bases loaded. Kody worked out of another bases loaded situation in the 4th inning inducing the dangerous hitter Nathan Ford to pop out to 1st base. The Angels got a 2 out rally going in the 5th inning using back to back doubles by Aidan Ross and Braydn Wishek to start the rally. Wishek scoring on a fielders choice giving the Angels 2 insurance runs.

The insurance runs paid dividends as the first 3 Cards batters of the final inning, Pruitt, Scott, and Mariscal all reached base and scored on some more shabby ball handling by Angel fielders. The game now at 13-12 and the Cards needing 1 run to tie and 2 to win, have no outs and nobody on against a worn down Angels team. Looked like the side to be on this day. However Angel Pitcher Nathan Ford had enough. He put the team on his back and got the next batter to ground out to 1st. The next batter reached base on yet another Angel error. With the tying run at 1st Ford got the 2 last batters he faced on a 4-6 force at 2nd base for out number 2 and the next batter to ground out to 1st to secure the 13-12 win for the Angels.

At the post game press conference when Mgr Olea was asked about his team performance today. He replied, “no comment” glaring down the Reporter who asked the question. He did follow up to point out that today everyone of his players reached base safely at 1 point and that no Angel batter had struck out at bat this game Something which has not occurred in any previous game this season. The Angels next face the 1st place Astros next Sat afternoon. The Cards next opponent are those same Astros on Thursday night.
Majors Angels @ Phillies, 2015-03-27 18:30:00                read full game highlight
From the Angels:

In the game of Baseball, it’s funny how a teams’ fortune can change in just 7 days. However for Angel fans there was nothing funny for them to laugh about on this Fri Night rematch vs The Phillies. For the Phillies there was nothing but big smiles on their faces as they move up in the standings going a perfect 2-0 this week in back to back games.

It "sucked" that both teams had players who stepped off the science camp bus barely 1 Hr prior to game time in their beach wear and quickly dressed for the 6:30 game on this night, The rematch of these two teams from 7 days ago. For the Angels it SUCKED quite a bit more! As in Max Suckley!....Suckley who pitched superbly last season for these Angels but in off season signed with these Phillies when The Angels could not meet his 2015 contract demands. Mad Man Max on this night came back to torment his former team, carving up the Angels like a Thanksgiving Turkey!

All Max did was throw a complete game 1 hit shutout. Suckley took a No-Hitter into the 4th inning until Braydyn Wishek knocked a solid 2 hopper into centerfield for a single. On the ensuing play the Angels had their only run scoring opportunity fade away when The Phillies defense came up big and threw out the runner attempting to score from 2nd base at the plate. It took a perfect throw, perfect catch and perfect tag by the catcher to get the sliding runner Crates to end the Angels inning.

Max went 6 innings only facing 22 batters 4 over the minimum, allowing 1 hit, 10 Strikeouts and 2 Walks. Even tho it only took 1 run for Max to earn the win. The Phillies offense gave him 15 more than he needed. More accurately the Angels defense provided the Phillies with the majority of their runs on this night. As they left their gloves at the beach and threw the ball around like it was a Frisbee. At times it was a challenge just to get the ball back to the pitcher for them.

Ryan Lewis and Eddie Moreno scored 3 runs each. Steve Mara, Chris Chavez and Suckley each had 2 hits apiece, Mara with a 2 run Home Run. Drew Mowbray was the only Phillie to reach base all 4 times he was at the plate.

The Phillies get the weekend off and the Angels will camp out overnight on the field as they get to play The Sat 8:00am game vs The Well Rested Cardinals who are hungry for a win. The combination of a rested win hungry team against a tired and worn out team playing a early morning game after a night game on the road has all the makings of an interesting game. Stay tuned Angels Fans as the upcoming contest looks like a classic trap game for The Halos.
Majors Astros @ Yankees, 2015-03-27 16:00:00                read full game highlight
The Astros defeated the Yankees, 10-9 in a hot afternoon game that featured an exciting finish. A tight game was blown open when Mathian Miller hit a grand slam with two outs and an 0-2 count in the bottom of the second. Those four runs remained the margin separating the teams (10-6) when the Yankees came to bat in the top of the sixth. With two runners on base and the Yankees down to their final out, Siddarth Gummadi hit a dramatic line drive over the right field fence to close the gap to 10-9. Three batters latter the tying run was at second, the go ahead run was on first, and the Yankees number three batter was at the plate. It was yet another dramatic showdown, only this time the Astros prevailed as Daniel Rios struck out the last batter and preserved the win for his team. It was a fun finish for the fans (say that five times fast).
Minors A's @ Angels, 2015-03-26 18:30:00                read full game highlight
The minor's Angels fall 14-3 at the hands of A''s at F2 in five innings.

The A's scored five runs in both the first and fifth innings and delivered a strong defensive performance on Thursday night.

The A's Justin Gonzalez had a hot bat going 2-3, driving in two runs. He singled in the first and fifth innings.

The Angels couldn't get anything going as long as A's Daniel Higereda was pitching. He gave up just one hit, allowed no earned runs, walked one and struck out seven during his 3 2/3 innings of work.

A special thanks to pool player Tommy Hernandez for bringing his energy and enthusiasm for baseball while joining the A's with their victory.
Majors Padres @ Phillies, 2015-03-26 18:30:00                read full game highlight
Great game by both teams...Jakee Retzlaff started strong getting out of the first without giving up a run...Eddie Moreno also pitched will despite giving up three in the first... game was back and forth with both teams hitting the ball well and running the bases with aggression. The difference was the defense and the HR hitting of the Phillies. Eddie hit two over the fence and Mara hit one also. Great game played and a high level. Go Padres, Go Phillies and Go CLL...
JV Red Sox @ Nationals, 2015-03-25 16:00:00                read full game highlight
The Nationals best the Red Sox in shootout, 14-8

Fans were treated to a high-scoring affair Wednesday as the Nationals outscored the Red Sox 14-8 in four innings.

Hitters on both sides were strong at the plate as the teams combined for six hits, including four extra base hits.

Fourteen runs in the opening three innings allowed the Nationals to easily put away the Red Sox. A bases loaded walk by Adam Gaynor, a walk by Connor Gale, a walk by Max Leeper, a walk by Jack Grillo, and a bases loaded walk by John Riordan in the first inning and a home run by Vincent Quinn during the second inning supplied the early offense for the Nationals.

Five relief pitchers didn't loosen their grasp on the win as they finished off the game for the Nationals. Connor faced five batters in relief, while Ryan Aguilar managed to record zero outs to aid the victory.

The Nationals increased their lead with five runs in the third. A bases loaded walk scored Max to start the scoring in the inning.

After pushing across six runs in the bottom of the fourth, the Red Sox faced just a 14-7 deficit. A solo home run by Logan Hidalgo, a bases loaded walk by Zachary Lassiter, a walk by Jackson Large, a walk by Joshua Lassiter, and an RBI double by Ryan Dorman gave the Red Sox life.
Minors A's @ Giants, 2015-03-21 18:15:00                read full game highlight
The Minors A's beat the Giants on Saturday 11-5 at F2 in five innings.

The Minors A's were up 6-5 going into the bottom of the 5th inning. They scored five runs in the fifth on walks by Jacob Previch, Aden Smykla, and Justin Gonzalez. An RBI single by Ian Hoon, an RBI double by Daniel Higereda, and a steal of home by Jacob Previch, Kenny Wang and Danny Higareda contributed to the five run inning for the A's.

The Minors A's handled the Giants pitching throughout the game as seven hitters combined for 11 hits, five RBIs and 11 runs scored.
Majors Yankees @ Angels, 2015-03-21 18:00:00                read full game highlight
It was just another Claremont Saturday night game between 2 foes familiar with each other. The 1st Angels/Yankees game of the young season it was. The Angels playing their 1st back to back games of the year with this as the 2nd game coming off Friday nights win over the Phillies and The Yankees coming off their Thursday night win over the Cardinals were at it. The game was a pitching duel and a battle for Sycamore supremacy with Starting Pitcher Nathan Elias going for the Yankees vs starting pitcher Anthony Olea going for the Halos. Both pitchers current attendees of Sycamore elementary. The visiting Angels put a fast run on the board with Nathan Ford drawing a lead off walk and going around the bases on passed balls to put the Angels ahead 1-0. Elias then loaded the bases and left them loaded as he worked himself out of trouble striking out Charlie Kats to end the inning. Then came the Yankees 1st as lead off hitter Ryley Swift, "swiftly" reached base with a ball hit to left field that was dropped for a 2 base error. Swift reached 3rd on a wild pitch as #2 hitter Ryan Tanori drew a walk. With runners at the corners and no outs and the dangerous Jared DeMott at the plate. The Yanks called for Tanori to steal 2nd base. Which he did however The crafty Angels had other things in mind as they pulled off the perfect diversion. On the 1st pitch to Demott, taken for a strike. Catcher Ethan Crates came up throwing and threw a dart to SS Nathan Ford who creeped up on the play positioning himself just right for the off center throw. Ryley Swift believing the throw had gone thru broke for home. Nathan Ford then fired a perfect strike to Catcher Crates. Having ball in glove, Crates held as Swift slid into Crates glove making the tag and denying The Yankees run. Even tho it was the first inning that play factored into final outcome of The Angels 1 run victory. Demott then doubled into left field scoring Tanori from 2nd tying the game 1-1. Up next was clean up hitter Nathan Elias. Elias then hit a line drive to SS Nathan Ford who doubled Demott off 2nd to end the Yankees 1st inning threat. The score tied 1-1 after 1 inning. Elias shut out the Angels in the 2nd inning and in their half of the 2nd went ahead on a Adam West solo Home run over the left field wall. It was a scoreless 3rd inning as Aidan Ross relieved Olea. The Angels put a few hits together and with a lil help from the Yankees tied the game at 2-2 in the 4th. The Yankees used a double by Adam West to lead off their half of the 4th inning, another Angel Left field error, followed by an Angels 2nd base error to go up 4-2. But that was all the runs The Yanks would be allowed on this night. Ryley Swift relieved Elias in the 3rd inning who was relieved by Ryan Tanori in the 5th. Tanori allowed the Angels to close the gap 4-3. With 2 outs in the 5th inning Nathan Ford reached 2nd base on a misplayed ball by the Yankee Center fielder. Anthony Olea then followed with a hit to score Ford for the Angels 3rd run. Nathan Ford now relieved Aidan Ross and pitched a scoreless 5th inning. The Angels down 1 run and their last 3 outs made the best of them. Against The yankee closer Bruce Leavitt Aidan Ross lead off the 6th inning with a single, followed by Braydn Wishek drawing a no out walk. The runners advanced on a wild pitch. Then Angel hitter John Saelzer delivered a big hit to center scoring both Ross and Wishek to go ahead 5-4. The Angels loaded the bases in the 6th with no outs and appeared to be ready to blow the game open however the Yankee defense came up big and cut off 2 runs at the plate to end the Angel 6th. But that was all the Angels would need as Angel Closer Nathan Ford struck out the side in the Yankee 6th taking the first game of the 4 games these 2 teams play this season with the final score 5-4 to make the Angels perfect for the week. Adam West and Jared DeMott lead the Yankee offense with 2 hits each. West had a HR and double and scored 2 of the Yankee runs. DeMott had a single and double. The Angels, John Saelzer was perfect for the day going 2 for 2 with a walk and knocking in the tying and go ahead runs.